ALT Linux Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

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ALT Linux Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

You might want to either install a TDE-bearing image (P7 starter kits are stable and recommended, and there are weekly Regular builds for those a bit more adventurous) -- or just add TDE to your ALT Linux system:

Configure APT

Users of sisyphus/t7/p7/t6: you should be all set already; if not, see e.g. /etc/apt/sources.list.d/alt.list and uncomment a pair of lines for noarch and the appropriate architecture, apt-get update and go on installing.

Users of p6 branch: you're advised to install TDE from t6/branch as 3.5.12 in p6/branch was quite broken; see above, correct "p6" for "t6" and probably revert this correction after TDE packages installation. Upgrading to t7 or p7 is recommended though.

Install core TDE packages

apt-get install kdebase kde-icon-theme-nuvola

Install TDE localization packages

apt-get install kde-i18n

(or choose the individual kde-i18n-* packages as needed)

Install more TDE and supplementary packages

You might want to add some or all of these too (it's a package list] used for regular-tde.iso):

tango-icon-theme-extras kkbswitch kdegraphics-ksnapshot kdegraphics-kview kdeutils-laptop kdepim-akregator kdeutils-ark kdeutils-kcalc 
kdegraphics-kpdf kdeaddons-konqueror krusader kaffeine kdemultimedia-kmix amarok hal arts hmount filelight

-- MichaelShigorin - 08 Mar 2014