Mandriva Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

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Mandriva Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

1. Configure the URPMI repository (as root user)

For Mandriva 2011 (v3.5.13.2)

urpmi.addmedia trinity-3rdparty$(uname -i)/3rdparty
urpmi.addmedia trinity-applications$(uname -i)/applications
urpmi.addmedia trinity-dependencies$(uname -i)/dependencies
urpmi.addmedia trinity-extras$(uname -i)/extras
urpmi.addmedia trinity-libraries$(uname -i)/libraries
urpmi.addmedia trinity-main$(uname -i)/main
urpmi.addmedia trinity-applications-noarch
urpmi.addmedia trinity-dependencies-noarch
urpmi.addmedia trinity-extras-noarch
urpmi.addmedia trinity-main-noarch

2. Install the Trinity desktop environment

urpmi trinity-desktop

3. (Optional) Install your locale translation package, e.g for French translation

urpmi trinity-i18n-French

Note: you can obtain a list of available TDE packages with the following command:

urpmq -a trinity-