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If you're building from GIT sources, then you're using a version of Trinity that's being actively worked on by our developers. You'll get some features not present in the release builds, but other things may be broken or buggy. It's like living in a building under construction. If you want a version of Trinity that Just Works, stick with the release builds.

Getting the GIT Sources

To download the sources from GIT, first ensure GIT is installed locally. Then create a new directory to store those sources. Detailed instructions for using GIT are available here at this wiki:


Downloading the entire GIT tree might require several hours depending upon connection speed. Currently the approximate size is about 4 GB. Updating the local tree is much faster after the upstream tree is downloaded.

Building the GIT Source

For the most part, once you've got the GIT tree, you can proceed to build and install in the same way as you would if you were working from a set of release tarballs--see How to Build TDE Core Modules and How to Build Extra Applications.

Out-of-Source Building for CMake

Out-of-source building of Trinity modules is recommended to build the code without cluttering the local pristine GIT source tree. To do an out-of-source build, create a temporary directory to build the trinity module in (eg. $TMP/tdelibs) then change into the $TMP/tdelibs directory and issue the cmake command:

mkdir $TMP/tdelibs
cd $TMP/tdelibs

cmake ~/trinity/tdelibs \
make VERBOSE=1