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The Trinity Desktop Environment is a complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software.

R14.1.0 marks the end of the previous R14.0.x series and the start of the new R14.1.x one.

R14-1-0-michele2-TDE.png R14-1-0-philippe.png

Changes highlight

This section highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this release.
Several items in this list refer to a multitude of commits, so direct link to them has not been provided to avoid cluttering the overall page.
Please refer to the detailed commit change log for further information.

New applications

  • tdebluez: provides modern Bluetooth functionality (TDE/tdebluez)
  • kplayer: multimedia player with mplayer backend (TDE/kplayer)
  • tdehwdevicetray: provides an easy access to storage devices and their operations
  • ksplash: added new Moodin-based theme "Architecture" (bug 2553)
  • icewm-based Helix theme (TDE/artwork#2)
  • icewm-based Brise theme (TDE/artwork#6) (bug 2833)

New functionalities

  • Added support for Python 3 throughout TDE
  • Added support for LUKS disks. Common LUKS operations can now be handled via GUI, tdeio_media_mounthelper and DCOP calls
  • Added support for PKI (X.509, PKCS, cryptographic card devices) as part of tdehw library and libtdeldap
  • New notification interface for storage device plug/unplugged events (through tdehwdevicetray)
  • Expanded DCOP interface for mediamanager with several new fuctions available, which allow finer control over storage device operations
  • Added support for hybrid suspend (aka suspend to RAM + suspend to disk)
  • Ark: added support for lzip/tar-lzma files
  • tdelibs: added passive notification panel (commit 9cca7662)
  • Added MIT license to the set of distributed licenses and new application to show TDE license information (TDE/tdelibs#197, TDE/tdebase#318)
  • New "session panel" in Kate to ease managing multiple sessions and switching among them. Note: the format for save session files has changed, but existing session will transparently be imported and updated to the newer format
  • konqueror: added "double-click on empty area moves to parent folder" feature for listview mode (commit 3aa5fc08)
  • konqueror: new sorting/grouping actions for listviews
  • konqueror: added support for locale based file sorting
  • New TCC configuration module for Trash and additional options to control the trash size policy
  • KSSLCertificate: added CRL handling support
  • tdemultimedia/tdeutils: added initial basic support for PulseAudio
  • tdefilereplace: several new options and functions added (sorting results, max depth, save/restore search results and search strings)
  • krusader: added support for xz archives
  • kweather: added support for XDG icon names, revamped configuration dialog, add support for system icon theme
  • ksnapshot: added option to view/edit the image in KolourPaint or in another application (TDE/tdegraphics#50)


  • Major rework of storage media handling code, providing improved support for LUKS disks, udisks2 and udevil and a consistent interface across TDE.
  • Enhanced taskbar setting GUI (TDE/tdebase#266)
  • kate: added option to suppress 'Find in files' error dialog (bug 1911)
  • Added 'Delete Line' menu entry in Kate, KWrite and TDevelop (bug 1907)
  • Major enhancement of performances under specific heavy load tasks (for example Konqueror scanning huge folder structures) (TDE/tdebase#309)
  • kxkb: improved configuration dialog which simplifies setting keyboard shortcuts for layout switching (TDE/tdebase#304)
  • dbus-1-tqt: vast improvements to dbusxml2qt3 tool and to the contents and usage of the generated code (dbus-1-tqt PRs)
  • dbus-1-tqt: added generation of api documentation based on doxygen (TDE/dbus-1-tqt#10)
  • kdcop: added double click functionality to expand/collapse non leaf items (bug 2503)
  • tqt3: new TQStringVariantMap type and iterators (commit d795939c)
  • tqt3: added "operator[]" to TQPtrList (commit 6b220f98)
  • Extended KEditListBox's API with new signals (commit 88413aaa - commit fa49e53a)
  • konsole: added support for mouse wheel events in the alternate screen, i.e. in applications such as vim, less, ... (bug 2597)
  • ksnapshot: remember window position before/after a snapshot is taken (TDE/tdegraphics#55)
  • ksmserver: added 'startupCompleted()' DCOP method to check when session restoration/creation has finished (commit b45b9ed9)
  • dolphin: fixed navigation through jar, txz and lzma archives (TDE/dolphin#4)
  • knights: added additional theme pack (bug 2663)
  • tdenetwork: use standalone libvncserver for krfb and libvncclient for krdc

Bug fixes

  • filelight: fixed SEGV caused by dereferencing null pointer (TDE/filelight#3)
  • gtk-tqt-engine: fixed crash when SESSION_MANAGER environment variable is not set (commit 959798f45)
  • yakuake: fixed support for dcop calls with multiple terminals (bug 2537)
  • Fixed incorrect handling of certificate dates in viewer module (commit a837e132)
  • tdefile: autocalculate folder size in KPropertiesDialog only for real local items (TDE/tdelibs#190)
  • tdeprint: relaxed page orientation and size selection when an initial setting is already provided (TDE/tdelibs#194)
  • Fixed mangling of '@' in KURL's pretty printing (TDE/tdepim#71)
  • kalarm: fixed problem with date/time selection for recurrent events (bug 304)
  • kalarm: fixed long startup delay when autostarted at login (bug 1610)
  • konqueror: fixed SEGV when the KPropertiesDialog is opened on the root (TDE/tdebase#310)
  • kmail: added menu options to toggle "Show Message Structure" (TDE/tdepim#25)
  • kpdf: fixed issue with certain fonts not being correctly displayed (TDE/tdegraphics#57)
  • tqscintilla: fixed SEGV at runtime caused by invalid platform detection at build time (TDE/tqscintilla#3)

Renames and moves

  • tdefilereplace has been moved from tdewebdev to tdeutils (bug 767)
  • sip4-tqt: python module renamed to sip_tqt (TDE/sip4-tqt#2)
  • sip4-tqt: entry step to rename qt* python modules to tqt* (TDE/sip4-tqt#10)
  • pytqt: repository renamed from python-tqt to pytqt (TDE/pytqt)
  • pytqt: rename qt* python modules to tqt* (TDE/pytqt#13)
  • pytqt: renamed QScintilla to TQScintilla (TDE/pytqt#5)
  • pytqt: renamed python extension module from python_tqt to PyTQt (TDE/pytqt#12)
  • python-trinity repository renamed to pytde (TDE/pytde)
  • tde-common-cmake moved from common to dependencies and renamed to tde-cmake (TDE/tde-cmake)
  • tqt3: several QT_* macros have been renamed into TQT_* equivalents.
  • tqt3: IconView widget moved to src/widgets folder (commit a41a0349)
  • tqt3: removed dummy "int" parameter from "TQVariant(bool, int)" (commit cfc76de7)
  • tqt3: renamed tqt-kde integration to tqt-tde (commit a410cb03)
  • tdelibs: tdehw lib is now built as a standalone library
  • tdeaddons: removed mediarealfolder konqueror plugin, which has been integrated into tdebase's media tdeioslave (commit 025f091b)
  • renamed "Suspend to disk" to "Hibernate" and "Suspend to RAM" to "Suspend"

Removed applications, code repositories or features

  • Removed support for Python 2 throughout TDE
  • Removed any pending support for HAL
  • Removed the following modules: adept, libraries/mlt, libraries/mlt++, kpowersave, knetworkmanager8, tde-construct
  • Removed support for building using qt3. Now TDE only uses TQt3
  • tqt3: removed the following Qt2 classes (TQList/TQListIterator, TQStack, TQVector) and replaced them with TQt3 equivalent ones (TQPtrList/TQPtrListIterator, TQPtrStack, TQPtrVector). Also removed some old Qt1-related code.
  • kpdf: drop suport for t1lib (TDE/tdegraphics#39)

Deprecated applications

These are no longer built by default and will be removed in R14.2.0

  • tdegraphics: kmrml (commit ff75de8d)
  • tdepim: kitchensync (commit 43f0ce5)
  • tqtinterface: this module is not deprecated but it will be merged with tqt3 in R14.2.0 and no longer required (TDE/tqtinterface)

Distro support

  • Ubuntu: dropped Hirsute (21.04), added Lunar (23.04)
  • Raspbian: dropped raspbian-stretch

CMake conversions and dropped autotools

Updating from R14.0.x

There will be no more releases in the R14.0.x series, therefore you should consider switching to R14.1.x during the next TDE update. This will require updating the URL from which packages are downloaded and should be a relatively straight forward process.

Additional info

Getting TDE

Installation instructions and binary packages are immediately available for:

Packages for the following distributions are being built by their respective maintainers and may be already available or will be soon:

Live CDs with TDE R14.1.0 preinstalled are or will be available soon on the LiveCDs page.

Previous release notes

Release notes for previous versions of TDE are avaiable at these links.

Previous release (R14.0.13)

FreeBSD Support

TDE continues to offer support for FreeBSD.
Progress has been made on how to simplify keeping ports up to date and complying to the standard /usr/ports structure. "TDE port maps" data for each invidivual port have been added to the tde-packaging repository and a new "tde-ports-map" script is used to synchronize its content with the standard /usr/ports location. Additionally, a new "tde-meta" port has been added to simplify building and installation of ports using the new framework: this meta port does not contain any code but depends on all ports of the TDE umbrella.

Credits and acknowledgements

We thanks all the people that are (or have been) involved in making TDE the great desktop environment that it is.


We would like to thank IntegriCloud for kindly providing a powerful physical server based on a secure POWER9 architecture that serves as the TDE primary host and as a very powerful builder for ppc64el packages.

We would like to thank vpsFree for kindly providing free hosting for some of the TDE services, most notably our self-hosted TDE Gitea Workspace and TDE Weblate Translation Workspace.

We would like to thank all the mirrors for kindly providing free hosting for the TDE packages and archive.


We would like to thank all the people who have used the TDE Weblate Translation Workspace to improve translations for many languages. We are looking forward for further contributions in future.

  • Bulgarian
    • Emanoil Kotsev (284)
  • Czech
    • Slávek Banko (360)
  • Dutch
    • Heimen Stoffels (814)
  • Esperanto
    • Mavridis Philippe (41)
  • French
    • Mavridis Philippe (43)
  • Greek
    • Funky 01 (83)
    • Mavridis Philippe (214)
  • Indonesian
    • Mas Ahmad Muhammad (256)
  • Italian
    • Michele Calgaro (1742)
  • Polish
    • Marek W (964)
  • Portuguese
    • Hugo Carvalho (1)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Rodrigo Zimmermann (306)
  • Russian
    • Egor Ermakov (152)
    • Mavridis Philippe (232)
  • Spanish
    • Eduardo Herrera (26)
  • Turkish
    • Hlasey (22)
  • Ukrainian
    • Roman Savochenko (670)

Contribute to TDE development

The TDE development team is small but friendly. If you wish to participate in the TDE development process, please visit the Get involved page for additional information.

There are many things you can contribute to, from documentation review to bug fixes as well as brand new software features or applications.

Feedback from our users is also an integral part of a large scale, user-experience oriented project such as TDE. Whether you want to report a bug, suggest an improvement or simply let us know your opinion about TDE, please feel free to contact us. Three good places to start communication are the official TGW site (user guide here), the project's mailing lists and the bug tracker.

Creating TDE requires significant computing resources and bandwidth. Please consider helping to keep us online with a donation on our donations page. Without your financial assistance, TDE would not be possible!